- Professional-quality, medium-speed, daylight-type, extremely fine-grain color negative film.
- Suited especially to portrait photography.
- Provides wide exposure latitude from under- to overexposures, superb skin tones with smoothly continuous gradation from the highlights to the shadows, highly faithful color reproduction, an exciting three-dimensional appearance to the image and single-channel suitability for uniform printing efficiency. New generation emulsion design allows for optimum scanning quality.

High ISO speed of 400
Higher effective film speed and finer grain.

Wide exposure latitude
Faithful reproduction of neutral grays over a wide exposure range from underexposure to overexposure.

Superb skin tone reproduction
Superb skin-tone and hue reproduction with continuously smooth gradation from the highlights to the shadows without any washout.

Excellent three- dimensional appearance
Clearer colors in the highlights and appropriately controlled color saturation in the shadows to allow rendering of subjects with a feeling of three-dimensional realism.

Faithful color reproduction
Faithful color reproduction of scenes under a wide variety of lighting.

Fujifilm FujiColor PRO 400H 120 Medium Format Color Film