Bergger Pancro 400 120 B&W Film



The first original B&W emulsion for over a decade, Pancro 400 120 film's launch in 2017 was highly anticipated by medium format photographers who praised its clarity and exposure latitude. This partly comes from it's rare double-emulsion set-up which allows for different sizes of grain in the final image.

A must-try for any serious black and white photographer! Also called Pancro400, Pan 400 or PAN400.




  • Format: 120
  • Colour: B&W
  • Type: Negative
  • ISO:  400
  • Exposures: 12
  • Process:  HC110, R09/Rodinal, ID-11, Ber49, Berspeed, D-76

Bergger Pancro 400 ISO 120 B&W Film

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