SUPERIA PREMIUM 400 Color 35mm Film

(36 EXP - 3 Rolls/pack)

Expiry Date : 07/2022


Superia Premium 400 is an incredibly popular domestic market Japanese film.
It's fast, sharp, and fine grained, so it's perfect as an every day shooter.
It also scans very well and produces beautiful skin tones even with flash!

Product Highlights

  • Fujifilm Superia Premium 400 - 35mm film

  • Japanese market film

  • Great exposure latitude

  • Nice skin tones and vivid colour reproduction

  • High speed film for general use

  • High level of sharpness and fine grain

  • 36 Exposures (Total 3 Rolls/pack)

Fujifilm Superia PREMIUM 400 35mm (36exp x 3 Rolls)

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