X Series - XH Lens Adapter
Hasselblad # H-3025000


** 100% NEW with BOX ! **
Use any of your current H system (HC & HCD) lenses on a Hasselblad X system camera by picking up this dedicated XH Lens Adapter. It maintains electronic communication between the lens and camera, enabling support for both the leaf shutter as well as aperture control from the camera body. Currently, the adapter supports manual focus with focus peaking, though a future firmware update is planned that will enable autofocus with adapted lenses.
  • Allows all 12 H-system lenses to be used with X1D camera
  • Currently supports Manual Focus. Support for Auto Focus with the XH Adapter is planned for a future firmware release.
  • Easy to use

Hasselblad XH Lens Adapter H Lens to X-Mount X1D Camera # H-3025000