I'M Fine Disposable Film Camera (SINGLE-USE) DAWN Black & White Edition 400 ISO (36EXP)

Develop Before : 10/2022

  • Drawing inspiration from dawn after darkness, I’M Fine single use camera is loaded with black and white films for the first time
  • Allows users to record the current emotions with the most user-friendly single use film camera
  • Different from the previous pink tone, the new camera body is in black
  • Nostalgic black and white photos from Europe in the 1960s and 1970s

As a return to the roots of photography, I’M Fine single use camera is releasing a black and white version - DAWN. Using “ dawn after darkness” as a concept, users can record their thoughts on 36 sheets of film with the most simple and direct single use camera.

When you cannot see the light of dawn and are facing things darker than darkness, feelings of grief, confusion, and sadness are inevitable; just like how the night before dawn is the darkest. But we believe that dawn will always come eventually.


  • Film: Loaded Fomapan Action 400 Black & White Film
  • Number Of Shots: 36
  • 3m Flash
  • Shooting Range: 1m ~ 3m
  • Process : BW Process
  • Battery: Built-in 1x AA

I M Fine Single Use Camera - DAWN Black & White Edition

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