I'M Fine Disposable Film Camera (SINGLE-USE)

No.3 Regular Edition (Color ISO 400 27exp)

The I'M Fine single use camera was launched in 2019, and with users’ enthusiastic support, the regular editions of the first and second generations of I’M Fine cameras have sold out and will no longer be in production. With a new pink camera body, a sweet I’M Fine single use camera third generation is preloaded with the well-liked film of warm tones. Users can continue to record the current mood and thoughts through the simplest and most direct single use camera with 27 pictures.

Every time the shutter clicks, it is filled with the heart’s warmth. The most important is immortalizing your emotions in the moment regardless of skill or equipment.

- The new third generation regular edition  with a warm and romantic pink camera body is launched
- Allows users to record the current emotions with the most user-friendly single use film camera
- Meticulously designed packaging and details
- Reload new films at your own risk


    Film : Kodak 400 ISO Color Negative
    No. of exposure : 27
    ISO : ISO 400
    Flash :1-3m
    Processing: C-41 Process
    Battery : 1 AA Battery (Included)

I’M Fine Single Use Camera - No.3 Regular Edition

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