Daylight 39exp Film Camera (Single-Use)

Expiry Date : 06/2020

Believe it or not, the good old disposable camera lives on. Kodak Alaris has released a treat for the growing number of film photographers and creatives celebrating its simplicity and vintage aesthetic. The company recently released a new single use camera for daylight outdoor use, loaded with 800 ISO film. Whether you’ve been shooting with disposable cameras for a while or have been wanting to pick up one again for your next trip or special occasion, this is definitely good news.

The new Daylight Single Use Camera with 800 ISO Film is ideal for shooting in both bright and low-light outdoor conditions. Keep in mind that it’s strictly for outdoor use; it doesn’t have a flash. With the high speed film, the quality of images are improved with less subject movement or camera shake. So yes, perfect for capturing those action-packed moments, memorable events, and epic road trips.

Main Benefits:

Daylight format, no flash
800 ISO speed film
39 Exposure
32.8mm, f/10, 1 element lens
Nominal focus range 1m to infinity

Kodak - Daylight 800 ISO 39 Exp. Disposable Single Use Film Camera