PORTRA 160 ISO 120 Film (5Rolls/pack)



Expiry Date : 02/2022


This is a pro-pak of 120 Professional Portra Color Film from Kodak.
Portra is the consistent choice for beautiful portraits at any moment and under a wide variety of lighting.
It could be the pose you've lit meticulously or a subject that's suddenly in perfect light. In either situation,
you can capture every detail with Kodak Professional Portra 160-speed films knowing that you will get a sharp, fine grained image with good shadow and highlight detail.
Portra reproduces accurate and natural color across the entire spectrum. In addition, the fine grain of Portra permits you to print larger than traditional color negative films.
Kodak's T-Grain emulsion produces a clearer and more brilliant print with excellent resolution and skin tones.

- Size : 120
- ISO : 160
- 5 Rolls / Pack

Kodak Professional Portra 160 Color 120 Film (5 Rolls)

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