ULTRAMAX 400 24exp 35mm Color Film (135-24)

Expiry Date : 03/2022

KODAK ULTRA MAX 400 Film is a worry-free, easy-to-use high speed film designed for snapshooters. ULTRA MAX 400 Film gives you the flexibility you need to take consistently better pictures in more picture taking situations—better low-light picture quality with fewer underexposures, better results with zoom lenses, greater flash range, better "stop-action" photos, and reduced impact of camera shake. Even when enlarged, ULTRA MAX 400 Film delivers excellent sharpness and fine grain for crisp, clear pictures. Optimized color precision technology provides consistently bright, vibrant colors with accurate skin-tone reproduction for natural-looking people pictures.


•Advanced T-GRAIN Emulsion technology
•Antenna dye sensitization
•Advanced development accelerators
•Optimized color precision technology

Kodak UltraMax 400 ISO 35mm 24exp Color Film