I'M Fine Disposable Film Camera (SINGLE-USE)

MOONSTRUCK Special Edition (24EXP)
  • Two new hand-made special negative films that allow users to capture different moods
  • In collaboration with the European company KONO! Film, hand-made film with warmth
  • Design inspired by the sun and the moon, extending the beauty and simplistic style of I’M Fine
  • Reload new films at your own discretion

 Lab released I’M Fine, a single use camera, last November. Through an
easy-to-use film camera, users can record their emotions in the moment.
Two new KONO! hand-made  special negative films, SUNSTROKE and
MOONSTRUCK, bring uniquely different effects to let users capture
different moods.

 SUNSTROKE version produces a red light leak effect, as if exposed under
 sunlight accidentally. It brings a playful feeling while retaining the
characteristics of films creating surprises in every picture taken in
the beginning of summer. On the contrary, the MOONSTRUCK version creates
 a blue romantic feeling under moonlight. The nostalgic and unique
blue-yellow hues blur the moonlight, freeing the imagination.
Technical Details

Film: KONO! MOONSTRUCK color negative
Exposure: 24
ISO: ISO 200
Flash: 1-3 meters
Development: C-41

Battery: 1 AA battery (included)


KONO! X NINM Lab - I’M Fine 35mm Single Use Camera (MOONSTRUCK Special Edition)

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