A new reusable film camera is released to record the user’s most natural and authentic daily life
In the ridiculous world, people are forced to keep up with the rapid pace of society and learn interpersonal skills. People tend to display the cropped, blurred, and beautified aspects on social media. Packaged within filters and social media, every person pursues the expression of their uniqueness. Deep down, people are all just ordinary in reality.
It can be difficult to differentiate between real and fake in the digital age. Sometimes, people miss their imperfect and flawed, but genuine self.
NINM Lab is launching the new Miss Me? 135 camera, allowing users to use the simplest film camera to record the unedited, unfiltered, and most natural self.
“Time to miss me.”


Miss Me? 135 Reusable Point & Shoot Camera x 1
Camera Strap x 1


Reusable Point & Shoot Camera
With Flash
Focus Free
135 Film (Not Included)
Power Source : 1 x AAA Battery (Not Included)

NINM Lab - Miss Me? Reusable Point & Shoot 35mm Film Camera

Camera Type