Sometimes, for whatever reason, you just can’t carry your favorite Polaroid camera
 around with you. Luckily, we’ve got the next best thing.
 Represent your passion for instant photography everywhere you go with our Polaroid camera pins. From vintage classics like SX-70 and Spectra, to new kids on the block like the OneStep+, we got you. Or you could collect all 5, and achieve legendary status.
Technical Specifications
  • Plated enamel
  • Pin clutch
  • Sizes (W x H) & Color :
YELLOW OneStep 2 (25 x 22 mm)
BLACK OneStep+ (25 x 22 mm)
RED SX-70 (22 x 25 mm)
GREEN Spectra  (30 x 21 mm)
BLUE 600  (26 x 30 mm)

Polaroid Originals - Instant Camera Pin Badge Collector (5pcs/Set)