3.5mm male to 2RCA male cable with tiny & metal connector

Item No
10749 - 1m
10583 - 1.5m
10584 - 2m
10590 - 3m
10591 - 5m


UGREEN AV116 audio Stereo jack cable stands out due to it's soft material and metal connector, make the cable very soft and flexible.
And it can be used e.g. for connecting your soundcard to an amplifier.
1. 3.5mm plug to 2RCA plug
2. 24 gold plated connectors with easy griped design
3. Chrome-finished plugs
4. Oxygen-free copper provide maximum's conductivity and durability.
5. Connect your Cell Phone, IPod, MP3 player, Tablet or PC to your home audio system  

UG 3.5mm Jack Plug Male to 2 RCA Stereo Audio Cable Metal Connector 1/2/3/5Meter