DisplayPort male to HDMI male Cable

Item Code
10238 - 1M
10239 - 1.5M
10202 - 2M
10203 - 3M
10204 - 5M

UGREEN DP101 DP to HDMI cable from UGREEN lets you easily connect a HDMI digital monitor to a system or graphic card with a DisplayPort connector.  But it Cannot be used to connect a DisplayPort monitor to graphics card which has a HDMI Output.

1. DisplayPort to HDMI (Male to Male);
2. Supports 1920x1200 or HDTV resolutions up to 1080p;
3. Channel deviation is 20ps with transfer rate of 2Gbps;
4. Signal: DP > HDMI.

UGREEN Gold Plated DisplayPort DP male to HDMI male M/M Cable 1080p HD:( 1-5m )