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Escura 60s Hand-powered Instant Camera 


Color : Orange

Instant photos are amazing as you can witness the image form gradually before your eyes. These delicate items are also wonderful gifts to be shared. Shake off the digital norms and take a step back for the original photographic experience. Let “ESCURA Instant-60s” instant camera fill your life with unpredictable beauty.

A 100% hand-powered instant camera. Taking instant photos without batteries needed. You just need to insert the film pack into the instant-60s, then all is done and ready for shooting. You can create your unique Instax Mini Photos.
An unprecedented instant photographic experience using the most basic optical theory. A vintage style external flash also is created to match the retro style of the Instant-60s. The external flash comes with a diffuser and colour gels. A flash bar (optional) can be installed for easier handling.
Portable design allows you to carry it around to capture precious moments. We embrace technological advances while feeling nostalgic about the retro technology of the past generation. This is a fine representation of the appreciation for the 60’s design trends and desire for the most authentic photographic experience.   
-Shoot with a vintage look that feels like 60s
-No battery required
-Support long exposure
-Multiple exposure mode
-Secondary aperture
-Use Fuji instax mini photo paper
-Instant camera with full manual operation
-Equipped with a 60mm lens, the aperture can be manually switched between f12.7 and f16, and the shutter speed is 1 / 100s.
-The camera also has a dedicated external flash (NOT INCLUDE)  (optional silver and basket colors)

Escura Instant 60s Hand-powered Camera - ORANGE

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