X Series - XPan Lens Adapter
Hasselblad # H-3025001


** 100% NEW with BOX ! **
Allowing you to use XPan lenses with your X-system camera, the XPan Lens Adapter from Hasselblad expands the number of potential lens options for the mirrorless medium format digital camera. This adapter is compatible with all three XPan lenses—30mm f/5.6, 45mm f/4, and 90mm f/4—and must be used in conjunction with the X1D camera's electronic shutter function, as the lenses have no built-in shutter function.
    • Hasselblad XPan Lens to X-Series Camera
    • For Use with Camera's Electronic Shutter

Hasselblad XPan Lens to X-Series X1D Camera Adapter # H-3025001